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Each studio comes with their own makeup rooms and bathrooms.

Studio A Gallery:

Studio A and B each have their own separate sets of lights and backdrops. All lighting equipment is included in the pricing of renting the studio. All props are interchangeable between the two studios, except for the bed (Studio A) and the chandelier (Studio B).

If you have any questions about the equipment for Studio A feel free to call or email us at:

Studio:   (714) 939-6729          
Cell:         (949) 933-2990

Wonderland Studios OC‚Äč

Wonderland Studios Orange County 1550 South Sunkist St. Ste. K Anaheim California 92806



8Pocket Wizard System
1Foldable Strip Box w/ Grid
(10" x 36")


Alien Bee 1600/800 Strobes

1Foldable Softbox w/ Grid(14" x 64")
1Baby Boomer Offset Arm3Foldable Softboxes w/ Grids(Medium, Large, Giant)
2LiteMod Unit Mainframes1Foldable Octabox w/ Grid(Medium)
713' Air-Cushioned Light Stands1Color Gels(Set of 20)
724" Male Mono to Male Mono Sync Cords1Gel Holder(Set of 6)

8'x4' VFlats in black and white

148" Silver/White Umbrella

148" Shoot-Thru Umbrella

1LiteMod Barndoor

1LiteMod Snoot
(Spotlight Effect)

116" Beauty Dish

6Neutral Density Filters