About Wonderland Studios

Wonderland is a two-part business under the same roof! Wonderland Studios is a photography rental studio; Wonderland Corsets makes and supplies custom corsets and costumes. The wonderful part about our partnership is that we have beautiful outfits available for rent right in our studio (pricing is available underneath our Pricing + Services tab)! For more information or to schedule an appointment, please visit or contact the ladies at Wonderland Corsets directly.

Wonderland Studios OC aims to be the one stop destination for photographers, models, stylists, and designers alike who seek a unique and affordable location to bring their photographic creativity to life. Why settle for yet another, claustrophobic and sterile white space when you can escape to Wonderland! Conceptualized by renowned corset and costume designer Cheri Wilson Chagollan, Wonderland offers a distinctly different vision of a photography studio from the perspective of female designers. We offer a variety of backdrops and props, from simple to extravagant, paired with a full array of lighting equipment to suit most photographers’ needs. Also available for rent at the studio is our unique and extensive, collection of professional corsetry, wardrobe and accessories from Wonderland Corsets.


1550 S Sunkist St, Suite K / Anaheim, CA 92692

About the Staff

Mike Saffels - Owner of Wonderland Studios
     The newest addition to the Wonderland family, Mike has been an expert and lover of photography for over five years, having various amount of experience shooting cosplay, fashion, boudoir, and beauty from all over the country. As the head of Wonderland Studios, Saffels makes the Wonderland family complete. With his thoughtful insight and photography experience Mike creates our backbone with his amazing skill set in photography to add among the Wonderland team.

(Visit saffels.photography)

Cheri Wilson Chagollan - Owner of Wonderland Corsets
  A renowned corsetier and costume designer for ten years, Cheri has become a master at corsetry and design. Chagollan’s foray into costuming began with the decision to try out a sewing course at Saddleback College. While at Saddleback, Chagollan became determined to perfect the very art of corsetry by making costumes for theaters and creating beautiful collections to present at Fashion Week. She has expanded her talents and now make custom corsets and costumes as Wonderland Corsets. Through hard work and word of mouth, Cheri has become Orange County’s go-to corsetier and costume designer.

(Visit wonderlandcorsets.com)

Akemi Hogan—VIP
      A nerdy video game enthusiast, Akemi (pronounced ah-KEH-mee) is representing her love for fantasy and sci-fi alike through modeling and cosplay. She began her modeling career in 2010, which then expanded into cosplay in 2014. After years of modeling corsets and costumes she has now become an aspiring costume designer learning under her inspiration, Cheri Wilson Chagollan from Wonderland Studios/Corsets. For Akemi, every new costume is a learning experience and therefore a pleasure as she plans to create and design what she loves and perfect her craft.

(Visit akemi101xoxo.com)