Wonderland Studios is a business that operates by appointment ONLY. If you wish to take a studio tour or browse through Wonderland Corsets, an appointment needs to be made in advance. Though our hours are 10am-10pm, those are NOT our hours of operation, those are the hours we make available to you for bookings. Our hours vary daily based upon a different schedule everyday, therefore we cannot guarantee to be open unless you make an appointment in advance. 

Rules and Regulations

Rental of Wonderland Studios OC requires the renter to leave the facility in the same condition as when they began, clean and organized. In the event that the facility is not returned to its original state, the renter will be subject to a cleaning fee deemed appropriate by the staff. In the event that any equipment, fixtures, furniture, etc. are abused, broken or stolen during the rental of the studio, the renter shall be liable for the replacement or repair of such items within 72 hours of scheduled rental.

The time booked does not indicate shoot time, it only includes the time you are admitted into the studio, and the time you are required to have cleaned, exited, and paid for the remaining balance of the studio. Going over the allotted booking time will result in an additional fee.

Balance of rental fee is due on the specified rental date prior to usage.

Absolutely no drugs or alcohol shall be permitted at Wonderland Studios OC.

Tasteful, provocative images are acceptable. However, we do not condone pornographic photography.

Banned items include: glitter, smoke bombs, hay, and charcoal powder. 

Service animals and animals for photo shoot purposes are welcome!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I rent wardrobe for my shoot?

When booking the studio, please be sure to specify that you are interested in using wardrobe for your shoot. If you have any questions about renting wardrobe outside of the studio, specific outfits, or sizing, be sure to visit the Wonderland Corsets website or contact them directly.

(Visit wonderlandcorsets.com)

How do I book the studio?

Before booking, please see our calendar for what dates, times, and studios we have available. Once you have picked a date, you may either call, email, or book here on our website underneath our Book a Studio tab. Bookings are taken on a first-come-first-serve basis and are only confirmed once we receive a 50% deposit, so please have your credit card information ready if you are giving us a call, or be prepared to fulfill a Paypal invoice ASAP; this will ensure there are no complications with your booking. 

Can you hold my studio booking? 

No, your booking is only confirmed once we receive your 50% deposit, no exceptions. If you wait to place your deposit, you may lose your booking. 

How do I know when my studio booking has been confirmed? 

You will receive an email confirmation with a rental receipt, and your booking will appear on our calendar here on our website. If you have not received a confirmation or your name has not appeared on our calendar, please notify us ASAP.

If I do not use the entirety of my booking time, may I have a refund/credit for the time I did not use?

No, the time you have booked has been specifically reserved for you and you alone and cannot be refunded or be used for future credit. We could not possibly find another client to book that unused time in such short notice. 

May I come early to set up for my booking? 

No, the booking time indicated when you are admitted into the studio, and when you are required to have cleaned, exited, and paid for your studio. Going over the time booked will result in an additional fee. 

Can I come early to use the studio/makeup room?

No, use of the makeup room is included in your booking time, there may also be another client booked back-to-back with your booking, please be considerate of their paid time.

Can I rent lights/props to use outside of the studio?

No, the lights and props are for in studio use only.

Can you book the makeup room separately from the studio?

No, the makeup room and the studio are one in the same. If you would like to use our makeup room only you need to book the studio.