Updates and changes coming!

Hey guys! Did some updates to the site to hopefully make things easier to find and use!

Also, we have a few new updates inside the studios just in time for Valentines!

First up, is the Flower Wall! This wall will be an ongoing process as it seems to take an INFINITE amount to complete haha but it is usable for now for closer portrait shots! For suggestions, you can enhance it by moving it in front of another background or backlight it with some gels!


We also have 2 Valentines Day bears up and usable for shoots!

Shoot with us!

Shoot with us!

We also have some giant hershey kisses and a heart shaped chocolate box for props, as well as a couple bags of rose petals that can be thrown about for effect <3

We will also be posting about some much MUCH BIGGER CHANGES in the the next few days! We are very excited for the future and hope everyone is having a great 2018 so far!

Mike Saffels