Updates on the move!

Hey guys, bookings online will be available again in the next hour or so! We are working as fast as we can to get the new place up and ready for you but to be safe we are going to start taking bookings no earlier than March 10th. Updated images of everything will be coming soon but here are the basic keypoints for the new place!

* The new place is going to be 1 studio instead of 2, so no more studio A or B. Everything will be housed in one bigger studio!

* The hourly minimum is the same at 2 hours, and hourly rates are now going to be $30 per hour. You will have access to more new sets, the makeup room and lighting all included in the price!

* Hourly bookings will be made available as well! ( More info will be posted about this soon )

* The daily deal is Mon - Thurs, and you get one hour free for booking 10 - 5pm!

* Bookings or extensions on the half hour will no longer be allowed.

Again, we will be providing you more updates as soon as possible! Feel free to call or email us with questions or to book with us! Thanks guys and see you all soon!

THE MOST IMPORTANT PART! OUR NEW ADDRESS IS 1571 S SUNKIST ST STE L, ANAHEIM CA 92806! We are right across the street from our previous address! 

Wonderland Studios-01.jpg
Mike Saffels