Even MORE changes for Wonderland!

Hey guys, so more big news! We are moving! Yep, changing locations for the studio! Crazy right???!

Ok ok, so before anyone panics, we are simply moving right across the street from where we are now! Seriously, just right onto the other side of the street!

We are planning to begin this month, starting around Feb 20th, and hoping to be open again right in the beginning of March! So if you want to get any last minute bookings in for this month, you only have until the 19th so do it fast!

We will have new stuff in the new place, as far as sets and set pieces! Such as the in-progress Flower Wall, which we do have currently for use in Studio A! The Flower Wall will be expanding in size and eventually onto a 2nd wall for more creative usage! Currently, it is usable decently for closer portrait shots! See sample below!

This is about the frame you can shoot currently. Photo by @emackphoto on IG

This is about the frame you can shoot currently. Photo by @emackphoto on IG

Anyone a fan of canvas backdrops? We are getting in some amazing ones from Gravity for those who want to go for a higher end/commercial look in their work!


These are going to be available in the new setup in March! 

More details will be posted in the coming weeks! We are all excited here at Wonderland and can't wait for everyone to come out and play with us!

Mike Saffels